Traditional Marketing

So you ask, "Why is Marketing Important?"


In short, marketing is the Attraction, Conversion, and Retention of a Customer. Peter Drucker's words, but hey, he was a pretty brilliant guy and we agree with him. Marketing is a key part of telling your story and involves every part of your interaction with your audience. By asking the question, "Why is marketing important?" you have started the journey of understanding what it takes to achieve success in your business.

What is Traditional Marketing?


Traditional marketing involves a clear understanding of your brand and your message to the public. It is more than the simple communication of who you are and what your service or product is. Marketing encompasses everything about your contact with your customer, from the moment they are introduced to your company, to every contact they have with your employees.

As your Marketing Consultant, we will work with you to see the bigger picture of marketing and how to market who you are to your prospects, your existing customers and to your employees.


Increase Your Profits!

The magnificence of Art exists to increase your profits by strategically telling your company's story in a compelling way.


Whether you are a start-up or a well-established company, we will work with you to strategics, create and execute your marketing and advertising. As you continue to ask questions like "Why is marketing important?" we are happy to help answer them and guide you to a deeper understanding of this competitive world of business we are in!


Graphic Design

What Makes Great Graphic Design?


Imagine how hard it is to understand a company’s marketing when it is ugly and confusing. Now imagine how much easier it is when it looks nice and is easy to understand. That’s what good graphic design does. It helps your customers recognize you and find what they need.

When it comes time for graphic design services, you really want them to reflect the quality that you provide as a business. Graphic design should also be tailored specifically to your business and is not a one size fits all approach.

Graphic design is important in:

  • Websites

  • Logos

  • Email templates

  • eBooks

  • Landing and Thank You pages

  • Infographics

  • Ads

  • Printed material

And more.

All of these areas of marketing need to have quality graphics to make your business stand out.

Business Card


Effective Business Card Creation


Do you need business cards? You may think that business cards went out of style with the floppy disk, and are now a relic of the past.

Don’t give up on them so fast - business cards can still be a great addition to your marketing and can provide a way to share your contact information with people that you meet and help you network to grow your business. You never know what opportunities that chance conversation can lead to, so make sure you are prepared to share contact information and represent your company well.

If you need business cards, let us help you out. Here at Magnificence of Art, we have years of experience in helping clients design creative business cards that convey their company message and contact info. We factor in your whole business including your company logo and messaging, and then tailor that to fit your target market.

Corporate Video

Considering corporate video creation?


We absolutely love video here at the Magnificence of Art! The video really can do it all. It shows you, it tells you, it can motivate you through music and sound effects, it can show a full demonstration of a product, and it can show the emotions of happy people using your product or service. When done right, video increases bonding with your company.

The magnificence of Art has been doing video since the birth of our company and we have been involved with projects that include:


  • Customer testimonials

  • Fundraising

  • Product Education

  • Company Overviews and Introductions

  • Award-winning documentaries (mini and longer form)

  • Employee Recruitment

  • Employee Training

  • Award-winning TV commercials

Our corporate video production services include:


  • Clear and compelling script development

  • Carefully chosen music and sound effects to enhance the story

  • Professional lighting

  • On location or in the studio filming

  • Audio engineering for professional sound

Do you have a story you are ready to tell in video form?


Let Magnificence of Art partner with you to produce great looking and great sounding video with a clear script and a defined purpose to truly connect with your customers. 

Logo Design​

What Makes Great Logo Design?


Your company’s logo is like its face. You want people to see it, be impressed and recognize it. Just like your own face, you want it to represent you well, especially on the first impression.

When it comes time for your company logo design, finding someone who understands your business and can help you stand out is important.

Here at Magnificence of Art, we believe these things about logos:

  • Logos should be top-notch and make a great first impression.

  • Logos should be created with both your company and the customer in mind.

  • Logos are not magic, and they can’t make up for areas of weakness in business.

  • Logos are important, yet not that important by themselves.

  • Logos should be excellent, and they should represent an excellent company

You can see that simply designing a great graphic won’t fix your business, yet if you are working on the important factors and creating an excellent business, it is highly important to have a logo that appeals to your customer base and represents your business well.

As a logo design company, our logo creation methodology is to look at your whole business and ideal customer and create something visually appealing that speaks on multiple levels.

Brochure Design

Expanding Your Marketing Reach

It can be a great idea for some businesses to complement their other marketing efforts with printed brochures. One of the reasons for this is that not everyone uses the internet, and certain industries and environments can benefit from a printed brochure option (like a waiting room in a doctor’s office). 

Brochures can either make you look as good or better than you are or make you look worse. Make sure that your brochures make you look as credible as you are and match the rest of your marketing.

Our brochure design services:

Here at Magnificence of Art, we have created brochures with many clients and we believe that brochures (like all marketing) should be visually appealing and get your message across in a way that is natural and easy to understand. As a full-service marketing agency, great content is at the core of what we do. This experience, along with graphic design services, allows us to be uniquely positioned to create quality and effective marketing brochures for your business.

Professional Printing

We can provide all of your professional printing needs.

Whether you’re standing in line and need something to read, or sitting at a red light behind a car that’s wrapped, we are all influenced by something that was printed.

Professional printing is a great way to gain awareness for your business in many different contexts. Depending on the situation, there are times when printed material can reach audiences that digital material never will.

Are you looking for a partner to help you with business printing? Consider working with us here at Magnificence of Art. We have years of printing a broad range of media for our clients.

Some examples of the types of business printing services we provide include:


  • Business Cards

  • Brochures

  • Postcards

  • Direct Mail

  • Signage

  • Vehicle Wraps

Depending on your business needs, we can help you design and print just about any type of media.

Direct Mail

With a direct mail postcard, we can design a custom billboard we can put in someone's hand.

Do you want to gain awareness in your customer's minds? Do you want to introduce your business to thousands of people? Direct mail marketing may be the way to go.

An effective direct mail campaign will involve multiple mailings to the same group of people so that you have the needed repetition to propel your prospective customer to action. With good images and clear calls to action, we can help move your brand and your offering forward in the mind of your customer. Combine that with a website landing page and it’s even more effective.

A strategic direct mail campaign includes:


  • A solid mailing list - we help research and buy if you do not have one

  • A clear purpose

  • A clear plan for repetition

  • A crystal clear message

  • Craft a single focus

  • Written in a way that is relevant to your audience

  • Graphically pleasing – eye-catching

Our direct mail services include:


  • Strategy on campaign development

  • Design and layout of mailing pieces

  • Assistance as needed on list procurement

  • Content development

  • Print-ready materials

  • Printing services as needed

If you are looking to partner with someone for a direct mail campaign, we offer direct mail services that can meet your needs and reach your customer base.

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